Title : Water Consumption

Water Usage The given graph depicts water (1)___________ for three sectors across the world between ... (Continue reading)

Title : UK TV & Radio

UK TV & Radio Audiences The given line graph depicts audiences for television and radio in the U... (Continue reading)

Title : Second Language Acquisition

It is easier for children to acquire a second language than adults. Do you agree? The successful acq... (Continue reading)

Title : Balancing Curriculums

There are people in the community who contend that secondary education should require students to on... (Continue reading)

Title : Children & Discipline

Children need to learn to behave at a young age and must be punished when they make mistakes. What d... (Continue reading)

Title : Government Welfare

The government has a responsibility to provide welfare to less advantaged members of the community. ... (Continue reading)

Title : Advertising & Persuassion

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Title : Gender Equality

"A woman's place is in the kitchen." Do you agree? In recent times, the roles of women have been ch... (Continue reading)

Title : Coffee Production Vietnam

The given bar chart traces variations in the amount of coffee produced in Vietnam between 1990 and 2... (Continue reading)

Title : Attitudes to Environmental Issues

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