Title : Cloning & Ethics/ Tuan Nguyen Minh & Sang Nguyen Hoang

Human beings have been using technology to benefit themselves for a very long time. Recent advances ... (Continue reading)

Title : Divorce & Families/ Hang Nguyen Kim & Mai Trinh Thi

In many Western cultures, and increasingly in others, divorce is becoming commonplace. What are the ... (Continue reading)

Title : Abortion/ Human Rights/ Tien Nguyen Tran My & Quynh Tran Nguyen Truc

The right to procreate is considered a human right, or the rights of all life. In some societies the... (Continue reading)

Title : The Roles of Women

WRITING TASK 2: A women's place is in the kitchen. Do you agree? In the 21st century, women n... (Continue reading)

Title : Working Women/ Hang

Many people think that men should go out to work while a women's place is in the home. To what exten... (Continue reading)

Title : Advertising & Consumption

The only purpose of advertising is to create unnecessary consumption. To what extent do you agree? I... (Continue reading)

Title : Language Acquisition

Some experts believe that it is better for children to begin learning a foreign language at primary ... (Continue reading)

Title : Studying Abroad/ Yen

WRITING TASK 2 More and more students are choosing to study at colleges and universities in a foreig... (Continue reading)

Title : Government Spending/Phat

Topic: A country's first duty to its citizens is to protect them. Therefore, it is logical that defe... (Continue reading)

Title : Balancing Modern Lifestyles/Tu

WRITING TASK 2 Topic:Some people think that modern lifestyles mean that many parents have little ti... (Continue reading)