Title : Family Name Distribution

The pie chart (1)____________ a breakdown of the (2)____________ of ten surnames among the Vietnames... (Continue reading)

Title : Robotics Past, Present & Future

Robots will take over the world. Do you agree? Robots are now a part of the modern world. We can fin... (Continue reading)

Title : Aging Populations

Because of falling birth rates and better healthcare, the world's population is getting steadily old... (Continue reading)

Title : Vietnamese Sweet Potato Production

The given graphic details the (1)____________ of sweetpotato in Vietnam per head of population from ... (Continue reading)

Title : Vietnam Employment Distribution

The given bar graph depicts the percentages of employment (1) ________________in Vietnam for three y... (Continue reading)

Title : Fishers

The bar chart registers (1)____________ in the population of fishers in five regions of the world in... (Continue reading)

Title : Electricity Supply

The pie charts trace (1) ______________ in the (2)__________ amount of electricity generated in Aus... (Continue reading)

Title : Hue Precipitation

The 1._________ bar chart depicts the 2._________ yearly rainfall for Hue, Vietnam. Overall, while t... (Continue reading)

Title : Beverage Production Vietnam

The given bar graph depicts the 1.__________ of beer in Vietnam from 1991 to 2013. Generally speaki... (Continue reading)

Title : Workforce Qualifications

Worker's Qualifications/ Table The given table depicts information on the size of the workforce for ... (Continue reading)