Task1 - Bar graphs

Title : Education Spending

The given bar chart (1)___________ information on public sector expenditure for education as a (2)__... (Continue reading)

Title : Telephone Subscriptions Vietnam

The bar chart (1)______________ information on the number of people who subscribed to telecommunicat... (Continue reading)

Title : IT Workforce Vietnam

The given bar graph (1)_____________ information on the (2)_______________ of Information Technology... (Continue reading)

Title : Internet Versus Media Vietnam

The bar graph (1)______________ the average daily time (2)______________ by consumers of various med... (Continue reading)

Title : Internet Usage Vietnam

The (1)_________ bar chart details (2)______________ on the percentage of internet users in Vietnam.... (Continue reading)

Title : Employee Status & Salary

The given bar chart offers a (1)--------------------of the hourly wages male and female workers (2)-... (Continue reading)

Title : Psychologically Healthy Workplaces

The bar chart depicts the positive impact (1)------------------promoting psychological health (2)---... (Continue reading)

Title : Consumer Spending on Travel

Total spending by International travelers and rank The given graph (1)_______________ the total exp... (Continue reading)

Title : Indonesian Mobile Usage

Broadband mobile Indonesia The bar chart traces (1)___________ in the (2)____________ and (3)_______... (Continue reading)

Title : Causes of Mortality Vietnam

The bar chart presents information on the (1)__________of male and female deaths, in thousands, trig... (Continue reading)