Task1 - Bar graphs >> Attitudes to Environmental Issues

"Attitudes to Environmental Issues"

The given bar chart details information on people's perspectives of issues (1)___________ to the environment. There are seven countries (2)_______________, and their responses are graded into four categories. These (3)________________ delineate respondents' attitudes towards the environment into very serious, somewhat serious, not very serious and not serious at all.

Generally speaking, the percentages of people who viewed the environment as a serious issue (4)______________ greatly for the countries surveyed, as did responses indicating that environmental issues were not serious at all. Recorded responses from the seven countries viewing the environment as a somewhat serious or not very serious problem were less (5)____________.

Looking closely at the bar chart, we can (6)______________ that almost half the people surveyed in all seven countries believed that issues plaguing the environment are 'very serious'. Among these, nearly 70% of the Peruvians expressed their concerns, in great (7)______________ to Germans, of whom only 10% were anxious about the environment. People viewing environmental problems as 'somewhat serious' and 'not very serious' represented roughly between 15% to 30% of the (8)_______________. However, as we approach the 'not serious at all' category, the nationalities (9)________________ in the survey answer in a divergent manner. Here, Americans, Indians and Peruvians figure minimally, meaning that they (10)_________________ environmental issues with great concern. The Germans respondents however, sounded the most unperturbed.