Task1 - Bar graphs >> Consumer Spending on Travel

"Consumer Spending on Travel"

Total spending by International travelers and rank

The given graph (1)_______________ the total expenditure on travel in billions of dollars by nationals from 10 countries with the (2)______________ table (3)______________ the rank that this country held in 2012. Overall Asian countries were extremely well-represented in terms of total expenditure and rank, and the (4)___________ of amounts spent was very wide.

We can see China (5)______________ the charts with a huge total expenditure of just over one hundred billion dollars. To give some perspective, this (6)______________ nearly ten times the expenditure of travelers from Taiwan, which ranked 25th globally and came in at just over ten billion dollars spent. In the (7)_____________ period American travelers were also notable for their overseas spending, just edging out Germany from the second position in ranking with (8)___________________ 82 and 81 billion dollars respectively. The only other big spenders were form the United kingdom, (9)_______________ fourth with a respectable fifty billion dollars spent abroad. The (10)_____________ countries on the list are all Asian, and spent less than 30 billion dollars in 2012.


a) depicted

b) depicting

c) depicts


a) accompany

b) accompanying

c) accompanied


a) represent

b) representing

c) represented


a) ranging

b) ranged

c) range


a) topping

b) tops

c) topped


a) represents

b) represented

c) representing


a) given

b) giving

c) gives


a) approximate

b) approximately

c) approximated


a) ranked

b) ranks

c) ranking


a) remains

b) remainder

c) remaining