Task1 - Bar graphs >> Education Spending as % of GDP

"Education Spending as % of GDP"

The given bar chart (1)___________ information on public sector expenditure for education as a (2)___________ of Gross Domestic Product.

The information is provided for eight nations which can be (3) _____________ into two distinct categories. The first group includes nations (4)_____________ at around 5%; Mexico, Vietnam, America and Canada. The remaining grouping spent closer to 3% of GDP with this group (5)________________ the Philippines, India, China and Indonesia.

The lowest recorded percentage of GDP spent on education was for the Philippines at 2.7%. In contrast, Brazil (6) ______________ 5.7% of GDP to the education of its people. Similar (7)____________ of GDP were given over to education by Vietnam and Mexico at 5.3%. The United States of America (8)______________ slightly more at 5.4% of GDP.

In the lower spending group of countries, those spending closer to 3% of GDP on education; India, China and Indonesia (9)_____________ spending of 3.1. 3.3 and 3.5 percent (10)__________.


a) provided

b) providing

c) provides


a) percent

b) percentage

c) percentages


a) divided

b) divides

c) division


a) spent

b) spend

c) spending


a) include

b) including

c) included


a) devote

b) devotion

c) devoted


a) allocations

b) allocated

c) allocating


a) spend

b) spending

c) spent


a) register

b) registering

c) registered


a) respect

b) respectively

c) respecting