Task1 - Bar graphs >> Education Spending

"Education Spending "

The given bar chart (1)___________ information on public sector expenditure for education as a (2)___________ of Gross Domestic Product.

The information is provided for eight nations which can be (3) _____________ into two distinct categories. The first group includes nations (4)_____________ at around 5%; Mexico, Vietnam, America and Canada. The remaining grouping spent closer to 3% of GDP with this group (5)________________ the Philippines, India, China and Indonesia.

The lowest recorded percentage of GDP spent on education was for the Philippines at 2.7%. In contrast, Brazil (6) ______________ 5.7% of GDP to the education of its people. Similar (7)____________ of GDP were given over to education by Vietnam and Mexico at 5.3%. The United States of America (8)______________ slightly more at 5.4% of GDP.

In the lower spending group of countries, those spending closer to 3% of GDP on education; India, China and Indonesia (9)_____________ spending of 3.1. 3.3 and 3.5 percent (10)__________.