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"Employee Status & Salary"

The given bar chart offers a (1)--------------------of the hourly wages male and female workers (2)-----------------in the UK, in the full and part-time job categories. The figures date from 2010.

Overall, it is evident that a half of all part-time workers, both men and women, were (3)-----------------less than 8 pounds per hour whereas full-timers received 12 pounds or over for an hour's work.

In more detail, whereas almost 50% of the part-timers received less than 8 pounds, the figure was slightly (4)-------------------for men. Similarly, more women were paid 8 to 12 pounds than men; The figure was 25% for the former and 20% for the (5)-----------------.

In the full-time job category, more than 55% of males got more than 12 pounds whereas this figure was around 7% less for female workers. (6)----------------, fewer men were paid less than 8 pounds for an hour's work, which represents a difference (7)-------------about 5% with their female (8)---------------------. The percentage of men and women who were (9)-----------------at 8 to 12 pounds was (10)----------------equal.


a) information

b) percentage

c) breakdown


a) receiving

b) received

c) receive


a) pay

b) paying

c) paid


a) high

b) higher

c) highest


a) second

b) next

c) latter


a) Similarly

b) However

c) On the contrary


a) of

b) in

c) to


a) colleagues

b) people

c) counterparts


a) remunerate

b) remunerating

c) remunerated


a) almost

b) roughly

c) a & b