Task1 - Bar graphs >> Psychologically Healthy Workplaces

"Psychologically Healthy Workplaces"

The bar chart depicts the positive impact (1)------------------promoting psychological health (2)------------------staff turnover, stress levels and job satisfaction through a comparison of the figures for the winners of the PHWA award with the US average, in the year 2011.

Overall, psychological health appears to (3)------------------ job satisfaction and (4)----------------staff turnover.

In detail, implementing changes leading (5)---------------psychological well-being resulted (6)--------------an overall drop of 18% from the 36 percent national average. (7)-----------------, staff turnover plunged by 27 percent from an almost 40 percent median in workplaces that are conscious (8)-------------the importance of psychological wellness.. Also affecting staff turnover, a quarter fewer people reported that they planned to look for positions elsewhere. Psychological health also meant (9)---------------almost a third more of the people in the survey said that they would recommend their workplace to potential job seekers. The figure for workplace (10)----------------- among the winners of the APA award stood at 86% in contrast to a 53% US average.


a) on

b) of

c) for


a) on

b) of

c) for


a) boost

b) boosting

c) have boosted


a) lower

b) lowers

c) lowered


a) to

b) in

c) for


a) results

b) resulting

c) resulted


a) On the contrary,

b) Likewise,

c) However,


a) with

b) of

c) to


a) that

b) for

c) about


a) recommend

b) recommending

c) recommendation