Task1 - Bar graphs >> Energy Investment & Employment

"Energy Investment & Employment"

The given graphic provides information (1)___________ to the creation of employment through an investment of US$1,000,00 in 8 different industries. Data is (2)____________ for 6 energy providers as well (3)_____________the building refurbishment and mass transit industries. The six energy suppliers (4)__________________ carbon based and renewable energy industries.

Generally speaking, more jobs are generated (5)____________ renewable sources than the employment created by the fossil fuel sector.

It is (6)_____________ from the graphic that US$1,000,000 invested in natural gas or coal will create (7)________________ 5 and 7 full time positions. In contrast, renewable energy generates more employment. By way of example, a one million dollar investment in solar will provide 14 jobs which is (8)_________________ as much as the potential employment created by coal at 7 positions. Biomass, solar, wind and the smart grid all have the (9)______________ to provide between 12 and 16 jobs for every US$1,000,000 invested.

To add context to the data, a one million dollar investment in building retrofits has the potential to create 17 jobs while the mass transit sector would (10)________ 22 positions with one million dollars invested.

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