Task1 - Bar graphs >> Export Growth Vietnam

"Export Growth Vietnam"

The bar chart displays data related to the (1)________________ of Vietnamese exports, in comparison with five other SE Asian countries, from 2010 to the first quarter of 2012.

In general, the volume of exports from all the countries in the chart dwindled (2)_________________ over the three-year period, with the Philippines and Thailand faring the worst.

In detail, Indonesia's exports (3)____________ the most in 2010, at 35.5 %, with Vietnam (4)______________ 5th after the Philippines, China and Thailand in descending order. In the following year, export figures underwent a (5)______________change. In this year, registering 34.2%, Vietnam's exports volume was (6)______________ at a faster pace than any of its regional competitors. In contrast, 2011 was a particularly unsuccessful year for the Philippines, as their exports (7)_______________ to minus 6.7%. Vietnam's success continued into the third year of the (8)_____________, as their exports volume ranked first and grew at a (9)_____________ of 24.2%, despite representing a drop of almost 10% compared with the previous year. China followed next at 7.6% with Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia and Thailand (10)________________ respectively in descending order.