Task1 - Bar graphs >> Coffee Production Vietnam

"Coffee Production Vietnam"

The given bar chart traces variations in the amount of coffee produced in Vietnam between 1990 and 2011. The quantity of produced coffee is presented in millions of 60 kilograms bags.

Overall, it is (1)___________ that production flourished (2)___________ over the whole period and despite irregularities in the second decade, significantly (3)________ quantities of coffee were produced, in (4)_____________ with the first decade.

In detail, the chart gives the (5)____________ figure at 1.4 Mio bags in the fiscal year 1990/91 and although production of coffee (6)______________ minimally by 0.1 Mio bags in the following year, it recovered its momentum and increased exponentially to (7)_____________ a whopping 14.8 Mio bags at the turn of the century.

Over the next 10 years, production was (8)______________. The lowest figure recorded for the (9)______________ half of the period covered is 11.6 Mio bags in 2002/2003. Afterwards however, production (10)_______________ to hit a peak of just under 20 Mio bags in the fiscal year 2006/2007.