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"Future Power"

Annual energy potential of renewable energy resources vs. total known recoverable reserves of non-renewable energy sources.

The given illustration (1)_____________ the energy supply potential of renewable sources with non-renewable energy providers. There are 7 distinctive (2)_______________ of renewable energy and 4 specific fossil fuel types.

The most (3)________________ potential provider of future energy is undoubtedly our sun. This natural source of power can potentially(4) _________________ 23,000 Tetra Watts of energy to the world market. Solar power is the energy source with the (5)_______________ potential. Particularly when we consider that (6) _____________ world energy use is currently 16 Tetra Watts. Further to this, the wind could supply an estimated 70 Tetra Watts which would more than satisfy the world's energy markets. Hydropower, biomass and OTEC, Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion, could all (7) ____________ between 3 and 11 TW per annum. Moreover, geothermal and tidal sources of energy could provide us with a (8) _____________ of 2 Tetra Watts per year.

Moving to fossil fuels, proven coal reserves account for the most significant energy resource with 900 Tetra Watts available for future usage. Uranium, petroleum and gas reserves each have the potential to (9)_______________around 300 Tetra Watts. It is clear from the information (10)______________ that the sun has more than sufficient energy for all our future needs.

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