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"Nursing-Administering Medication"

The diagrams depict the process for oral (1)_______________of medicine to an in-patient, by a nurse.

Generally speaking, this procedure (2)______________five stages in which the correct dose of the medicine is (3)_____________, and then (4)________________.

Initially, the nurse verifies the unit-dose medication to the order on the patient. After that, there are three (5)_______________related to medication type. In the case of pills, she empties the correct quantity from a multi-dose bottle into a different (6)______________. Liquid medication, however, is (7)_______________into a medicine cup, while the nurse holds both containers at eye level. The third possibility is that the nurse may have to crush the pills with a mortar and pestle prior (8)_______oral administration.

The next stage involves the (9)____________of the patient's identity on his/her ID bracelet. (10)____________, the nurse assists the patient to sit up in bed and hold the appropriately prepared dose of medication. Then the medicine is ingested, and finally the nurse documents the administration in the patient's file.