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"Tourist Island"

The given maps (1)_______________ the changes that have occurred to an island. Prior to development, the island had no visible man made (2)_________________. The length of the mapped island is (3)________________ 250 metres. The isle has a beach on the western point, and a sparse covering of coconut trees.

The island was completely (4)_________________ with the addition of a resort and a pier, however, the eastern part of the island has been left (5)___________________.

A number of buildings have been (6)_________________ on the island including a restaurant and reception area which is (7)________________ by a vehicular track. Fifteen smaller buildings; six in the west and nine in the center, have been (8)_________________ for tourist accommodation. These buidings are surrounded by a walking trail.

On the south coast, a pier has been (9)____________________, enabling yachts to access the island. Developers have (10)_________________ the trees, and the beach is now being utilized by swimmers.

Overall, development on the island has focused on the provision of tourist facilities.