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Task2 - Environment

Title : Toxic Spills & Green Future

Vietnam has experienced an unfortunate history of environmental pollution. The mass fish die-offs in... (Continue reading)

Title : Vietnam Going Green with Solar Power

Getting the right energy mix is a significant responsibility that all governments around the world a... (Continue reading)

Title : Significant BEV Investment

Comparisons between Battery Energy Vehicles, or BEVs, and Internal Combustion Engines, known as ICE'... (Continue reading)

Title : Global Warming and Solutions

There is a good deal of evidence that increasing car use is contributing to global warming and havin... (Continue reading)

Title : Resource Exhaustion

Consumption of the world's resources (such as oil, fresh water etc.) is increasing at a dangerous ra... (Continue reading)

Title : International Cooperation & Environmental Protection

Scientists from around the world agree that global warming must be ameliorated. However, many countr... (Continue reading)

Title : Consumerism & Plastic

Plastic pollution, as a result of consumerism, has serious environmental consequences. To what exten... (Continue reading)

Title : International Cooperation & Environmental Protection

The current environmental issues are serious. As a consequence, the nations of the world must cooper... (Continue reading)

Title : Sustainable Future

The Earth's ability to provide for humanity is being compromised. Do you agree? Mother Earth has pro... (Continue reading)

Title : Solar Solutions

Solar power is the best alternative to carbon intensive fossil fuels. Do you agree? The world is hea... (Continue reading)