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"Emissions Related Illnesses"

A report by the Electric Vehicle Council, or EVC, has shown Internal Combustion Engines, known as ICE vehicles, are the cause of significant emissions related illnesses. The report attributes transport related illnesses such as lung and respiratory diseases to ICE emissions.

Approximately, 650 people die in New South Wales, Australia every year due to emissions related health issues. In fact, the number of fatalities resulting from road accidents is lower than the number of deaths caused by our toxic atmosphere. The emissions from ICE vehicles that are causing disease and death include carbon monoxide, CO, nitrogen oxide, NOX , as well as particulate pollution.
Further to this, another concerning report from the World Health Organization showed that 1 in 10 child deaths are a consequence of air pollutants from ICE vehicles. Children are at a particular risk says Asthma Australia CEO Michelle Goldman, "Vehicle Pollution is particularly significant when it comes to children's asthma. Kids living within 75 meters of a major road have a 29 percent increased risk of lifetime asthma".

However, there is a simple solution to eliminate the toxic gases contaminating our atmosphere. Battery Energy Vehicles, or BEVs, have zero emissions. If the battery is powered by an alternative energy source, such as solar or wind power, diseases stemming from our poisoned air will be eliminated. To make this happen, the utilizations of alternative energy sources must be encouraged, and fossil fuel usage needs to be phased out.

The government has an obligation to provide a safe environment for its citizens. Indeed, while the Australian government is deeply concerned about our road death toll, there seems to be no concern for the children dying every day as a consequence of emissions from motor vehicles.

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