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Task2 - Environment

Title : Sustainable Future

The Earth's ability to provide for humanity is being compromised. Do you agree? Mother Earth has pro... (Continue reading)

Title : Solar Solutions

Solar power is the best alternative to carbon intensive fossil fuels. Do you agree? The world is hea... (Continue reading)

Title : International Solutions to Global Warming

Scientists from around the world agree that global warming must be ameliorated. However, many countr... (Continue reading)

Title : Extinction of Flora & Fauna

Environmentalists are concerned about the increasing lack of biodiversity on our planet. Why are so... (Continue reading)

Title : Alternative Energy Resources

Fossil fuels will never be replaced by alternative energy sources. What is your opinion? Recently, m... (Continue reading)

Title : Consumerism & the Environment

How does demand for consumer goods (things people buy in shops) in the general population affect the... (Continue reading)

Title : Trashing the Environment

It is generally agreed that the amount of rubbish created by humans today is the worldwide problem. ... (Continue reading)

Title : Trashing the Earth

If there was a skyscraper to be built in the future, it would be made out of trash. The risi... (Continue reading)

Title : Consequences of Consumerism

The majority of countries around the world have economies based on consumerism. However, this econom... (Continue reading)

Title : Consumerism's Environmental Effects/ Hong, Diem, Au/ Terry

Group Q21 2013-2014 While consumerism is good for many economies its adverse effects on the environ... (Continue reading)