Task2 - Health

Title : Health & Financial Responsibility/Thao, Thanh & Thanh/ Terry

Without a doubt, health care services have brought to our society incredible benefits. However, ther... (Continue reading)

Title : Health Care & Communicable Diseases/Phan Thi Hue

Describe some problems and possible solutions for the health issues related to communicable disease.... (Continue reading)

Title : Government Spending on Healthcare

The government should spend more money on healthcare. Do you agree? As people go through their lives... (Continue reading)

Title : Health Problems Causes & Effects

TASK 2 WRITING What are the causes and effects of the health problems facing the world today? Mank... (Continue reading)

Title : Health Problems of First & Third World

Affluent nations and developing countries experience different health problems. Discuss the causes a... (Continue reading)

Title : Obesity Causes & Solutions

There has been a noticeable increase in the average weight of people in some countries. In your opi... (Continue reading)

Title : Psychological Attitude to Health

A patient's psychological attitude to medical treatment is critical in ensuring the success of that ... (Continue reading)

Title : Society & Drugs

Legal drug usage is a part of many societies. However, in today's world many young people are using ... (Continue reading)

Title : Health Care Spending

The government should spend more money on health care. Do you agree? As people go through their live... (Continue reading)