Task2 - Infrastructure >> Urban Expansion

"Urban Expansion"

As cities grow there is an increasing shortage of available land.

What problems does this create?

What possible solutions could be proposed?

Urban environments around the world continue to expand exponentially. This expansion is ongoing, as rural people continue to migrate to the metropolis. Unfortunately, urban sprawl results in serious challenges for administrators, and considered solutions are required to ameliorate the demand for land.

Land is a limited resource that is particularly exposed to expanding cities. The green belt that often surrounds metropolitan areas is being slowly consumed by continued urban construction. This presents a significant dilemma for the inhabitants of our biggest cities; city dwellers must be provided with food and water and these human needs can only be sourced from external agricultural areas. Unfortunately, it is impossible to grow crops without land. As a consequence, the basic needs of people who live in cities must be imported long distances from rural communities or in some cases other countries.

One possible solution to this dilemma is the preservation of agricultural land that is in close proximity to the city. To do this, governments would need to restrict the outward growth of urbanized areas. This could be done by requiring urban developers to build upwards so as not to appropriate more land. For example, many Japanese cities have limited land availability, but populations can be accommodated in multi storey apartment blocks.

To conclude, it is my opinion that the continued urbanization of the world has its limitations. It is important that governments encourage the sustainable growth of our cities by protecting the vital surrounding green belts.