Task2 - Lifestyle

Title : Multiculturalism Pros Cons

Multiculturalism only brings advantages to societies. What is your opinion? Cultural diversity in co... (Continue reading)

Title : Television Pros, Cons

TASK 2 MODEL ANSWER Television is the worst invention in modern times. Do you agree or disagree? ... (Continue reading)

Title : Banning Mobile Phones in Public

TASK 2 MODEL ANSWER Mobile phones should be banned from public places. What is your opinion? In t... (Continue reading)

Title : Banning Cars from the CBD

TASK 2 MODEL ANSWER Cars should be banned from the city center. What is your opinion? Cars have b... (Continue reading)

Title : Hard Work Versus Talent

There is a general belief that some people are born with specific talents, such as an ability with m... (Continue reading)

Title : Entertainer's Salaries

TASK 2 MODEL ANSWER Some members of the community feel that people in the entertainment business (m... (Continue reading)

Title : Media Violence

Violent media on television, at the movies, on the internet or on computer games makes young people,... (Continue reading)

Title : Consumer Consumption

Some people believe that governments encourage unnecessary consumption, while others feel that spend... (Continue reading)

Title : Job Satisfaction versus Salary

Some people feel that financial success is the most important aspect of their working lives while o... (Continue reading)