Task1 - Tables Task1 - Line Graphs Task2 - Ethics

Task1 - Line Graphs

Title : ASEAN Poverty Profile

The line graph compares changes to the percentages of people living in poverty for 5 Association of ... (Continue reading)

Title : US Imports from SE Asian Countries

Imports to the USA The line graph illustrates (1)_____________in import figures to the USA from SE ... (Continue reading)

Title : Asia Pacific Energy Consumption

Energy Consumption The given graphics represent figures on the changes in the (1)____________of ene... (Continue reading)

Title : East Asia Consumer Price Inflation

The given graph (1)_______________ core and food consumer price inflation (2)____________ in East As... (Continue reading)

Title : Vietnam's Human Development

*The index is measured on a scale of 0 to 1. The graphs show the changes (1)_________ human develop... (Continue reading)

Title : Economic Growth in Vietnam by Sector

The bar graph gives information on fluctuations in the developmental rates of the different componen... (Continue reading)

Title : Vietnam's Gross National Income

The line graph (1)_________ the rise in Vietnam's gross national income (GNI) over a 20-year period,... (Continue reading)

Title : Vietnam Vaccinations & Immunization

The given line graph compares changes (1)______ the proportion of DTP3 vaccinations of 1-year-old in... (Continue reading)

Title : Vietnam Health Expenditure Per Capita

The (1)___________ line graph details the total health (2)____________ per capita of Vietnam in comp... (Continue reading)

Title : Vietnamese Sweet Potato Production

The given graphic details the (1)____________ of sweetpotato in Vietnam per head of population from ... (Continue reading)