Task1 - Line Graphs >> East Asia Consumer Price Inflation

"East Asia Consumer Price Inflation"

The given graph (1)_______________ core and food consumer price inflation (2)____________ in East Asia (excluding Japan) (3)_____________2006 to 2011. Overall it is apparent from the (4)______________ presented that while both indexes fluctuated in a similar manner the peaks were much more pronounced for the inflation of food prices. Both graphs started at a similar point of (5)_______________ at the beginning of the period, fluctuating between 2 and four percent for most of 2006. The following two years saw big (6)______________ for food prices however, climbing rapidly and (7)____________ a peak at around 15 percent. By contrast, core prices (8)____________ relatively stable. Both indexes fell at the end of 2008, food prices (9)__________________ to almost zero in mid-2009 while core prices sank into negative figures. A swift recovery followed for both food and core prices, the former rising to almost 10% while core inflation (10)____________ to its previous level of four percent.


a) compare

b) compares

c) comparing


a) rate

b) rating

c) rates


a) from

b) between

c) to


a) data

b) datas

c) dating


a) originality

b) original

c) origin


a) changes

b) changing

c) changed


a) hit

b) hits

c) hitting


a) remain

b) remaining

c) remained


a) plummet

b) plummeting

c) plummeted


a) returned

b) returning

c) returns