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"US Imports from SE Asian Countries"

Imports to the USA

The line graph illustrates (1)_____________in import figures to the USA from SE Asian countries, from 2007 through to 2011.

Overall, Americans (2)_______________more from certain countries such as Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia and Vietnam, whereas (3)______________from others such as Burma and East Timor were (4)_______________. Further to this, 2009 was the year when import figures from major players (5)_____________________.

In detail, Malaysia started off (6)________________at a high figure of around 33 million US dollars, but this figure (7)_________________steadily to dip to about 22 million US dollars in 2009. After that, trade picked up slowly until 2010, only to decline (8)____________________for the next year.

Other major (9)________________also experienced changes in their trade volume with the USA, yet they all followed a similar pattern: that of declining in 2009, and rising again. In contrast, the country whose exports to the USA were (10)_______________throughout the period was Cambodia, for which the figure stood at about 4 billion US dollars.


a) alter

b) altered

c) alterations


a) import

b) imports

c) imported


a) import

b) imports

c) imported


a) minimum

b) minimize

c) minimal


a) dip

b) dips

c) dipped


a) export

b) exporting

c) exported


a) decline

b) declines

c) declined


a) minimal

b) minimally

c) minimized


a) exports

b) exported

c) export


a) stable

b) stability

c) stabilize