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"Vietnam Vaccinations & Immunization"

The given line graph compares changes (1)______ the proportion of DTP3 vaccinations of 1-year-old infants, carried (2)_______in Vietnam and its WHO region from 1990 to (3)_____present.

Overall, although relatively high, both immunization categories (4)________fluctuations to varying degrees, (5)______the past 25 years.

In detail, in 1990, Vietnam (6)____________about 90% of 1-year-old infants. This rate went up to almost 95% in 2000 before dipping (7)_____about 75% in 2002. Having (8)_________its momentum, the vaccination rate soared to 100% over the next 2 years and continued to fluctuate until 2013. Since then, the percentage has continued to plummet, and, currently, it (9)________at just under 60%.

In contrast, immunization rates in the relative WHO region have followed a more regular pattern. (10)__________started off at about 95% in 1990, the rate fell to a low of almost 80% in 1995. Afterwards, it rose steadily until 2009, notwithstanding minor fluctuations. Since then, the figure has remained mostly stable and for this year, it stands at around 95%.