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"Vietnam Vaccinations & Immunization"


WHO Region

The given line graph compares changes (1)______ the proportion of DTP3 vaccinations of 1-year-old infants, carried (2)_______in Vietnam and its WHO region from 1990 to (3)_____present.

Overall, although relatively high, both immunization categories (4)________fluctuations to varying degrees, (5)______the past 25 years.

In detail, in 1990, Vietnam (6)____________about 90% of 1-year-old infants. This rate went up to almost 95% in 2000 before dipping (7)_____about 75% in 2002. Having (8)_________its momentum, the vaccination rate soared to 100% over the next 2 years and continued to fluctuate until 2013. Since then, the percentage has continued to plummet, and, currently, it (9)________at just under 60%.

In contrast, immunization rates in the relative WHO region have followed a more regular pattern. (10)__________started off at about 95% in 1990, the rate fell to a low of almost 80% in 1995. Afterwards, it rose steadily until 2009, notwithstanding minor fluctuations. Since then, the figure has remained mostly stable and for this year, it stands at around 95%.


a) in

b) at

c) with


a) out

b) on

c) away


a) a

b) an

c) the


a) were

b) had

c) have


a) over

b) at

c) on


a) vaccinate

b) vaccinating

c) vaccinated


a) by

b) at

c) to


a) recover

b) recovering

c) recovered


a) stand

b) standing

c) stands


a) Having

b) Doing

c) Being