Task1 - Line Graphs >> Vietnam's Gross National Income

"Vietnam's Gross National Income"

The line graph (1)_________ the rise in Vietnam's gross national income (GNI) over a 20-year period, from 1993 (2)___________to 2013.

Overall, it is evident that in the period under (3)__________, the figure for GNI in Vietnam rose (4)___________and grew almost fifteen-fold.

In 1993, Vietnam's GNI stood (5)___________ around 10 billion US dollars and this figure increased (6)____________to 40 billion dollars over the next 10 years. From 2003 onwards, the pace of progress (7)_____________and gross national income (8)______________, reaching roughly 85 billion dollars in 2008.

Finally, (9)_______________the last 5 years of the given period, GNI in Vietnam continued to soar (10)__________an even faster rate and rose to just under 160 billion US dollars.