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"Vietnamese Sweet Potato Production"

The given graphic details the (1)____________ of sweetpotato in Vietnam per head of population from 1961 to 2007.

All in all, while the production of sweetpotato per head of population has remained relatively (2)____________, Vietnam's population has increased along with the overall (3)_______________ of sweet potato (4)__________________.

Between 1961 and 2007 the production of sweetpotatos per (5)__________ fluctuated from 40 kilograms in 1961 to 20 kilograms in 2007. However, it should be (6)_____________ that during the same time period Vietnam's population saw a steady but significant (7)_____________ from 40,000,000 in 1961 to a population of around 80 million in 2007. This means that 20 kilograms of sweetpotato were (8)______________ for approximately double the populous in 2007.

The overall production of sweetpotato in tons was relatively stable from 1961 to 1975 at around 11,000,000 tons. After that, production soared to reach a (9)_______________ of 26,000,000 tons. Sweetpotato production dipped and peaked within the range of 26 million and 16 million tons until 1995. From the mid nineties to the end of the (10)______________ period production of sweetpotato tended to be less erratic and finished in 2007 at approximately 15 million tons.