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"Transportation Comparison"

The table depicts the proportion of trips taken with differing types of transportation for 4 countries. Further to this, the bar chart details results from a questionnaire on vehicle usage specifically for the US.

An overall perspective indicates that car usage is the preferred mode of transport for all 4 countries. Bicycles, public transportation and walking recorded less significant proportions of all journeys taken. Other forms of transport were rarely utilized, recording only 1 to 3% of all journeys made for all 4 countries.

The usage of motor vehicles was greatest in America at 90% and lowest in the Netherlands at 47%. Alternatively, the Dutch used bicycles for 26% of all journeys and chose to walk 18% of the time. The UK and France also registered relatively high percentages for walking with 11% tabled for both nations. Utilization of public transport for the French and British was also comparatively high at 12 and 18% respectively.

A closer look at the reasons given for using motor vehicles in America reveals that many travelers; about 40%, had no alternatives for transportation. A further 30% commuted to work by car. 20% of Americans thought that motor vehicles were the most convenient form of transportation, and around 10% considered cars to be quicker. 5% of those surveyed used vehicles to commute at night.