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Task1 - Pie Charts

Title : NZ Online Sales

The pie charts detail information on the proportion of online sales for four differing consumer cate... (Continue reading)

Title : Telecommunications Service Providers Vietnam

The pies charts detail (1)_________________ on telecommunications service providers in Vietnam for 2... (Continue reading)

Title : Work Arrangement by Sex

The pie charts present information (1)-------- the differences (2)-------- the proportion of male an... (Continue reading)

Title : Australian Vietnamese Population Distribution

The (1) __________chart depicts the (2) ________________ of Australians of Vietnamese ethnic origin ... (Continue reading)

Title : Foreign Direct Investment

The pie chart gives a breakdown, in (1)______________, of the different categories of Foreign Direct... (Continue reading)

Title : Funding for Dioxin Clean Up

The pie charts (1)__________the sources of international funds directed at eradicating traces of the... (Continue reading)

Title : UK Development Aid Vietnam

The pie chart (1)__________ a breakdown of the total sum of money (2)____________ by the British Dep... (Continue reading)

Title : Family Name Distribution

The pie chart (1)____________ a breakdown of the (2)____________ of ten surnames among the Vietnames... (Continue reading)

Title : Electricity Supply

The pie charts trace (1) ______________ in the (2)__________ amount of electricity generated in Aus... (Continue reading)

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