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"NZ Online Sales"

The pie charts detail information on the proportion of online sales for four differing consumer categories in New Zealand. The data is given for two years; 2003 and 2013. Overall, the retail sectors of film/music, travel and clothing experienced substantial changes while the percentages for online book sales did not alter significantly.

In 2003, travel accounted for the greatest proportion of online sales in New Zealand at 36%, however, the electronic sales for this retail sector fell to 29% in 2013. A significant proportion of sales were attributed to clothing in 2003 at 24%. Similarly, in 2013 this sector also experienced a reduction falling to 16% of total online sales.

Increased online sales occurred in film/music and books. Online sales of film and music rose substantially. In 2003 this retail grouping was apportioned 21% of all online commercial activity. Significant increases were recorded by 2013 with film and music being responsible for 33%; an increase of 12%. Books registered a more modest increase in the proportion of online sales moving from 19-22% of all sales made online.