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"Family Name Distribution"

The pie chart (1)____________ a breakdown of the (2)____________ of ten surnames among the Vietnamese populace.

In general, it is clearly (3)____________ that by far the most (4)____________ last name in Vietnam is Nguyen, as it is adopted by almost half (5)_____ people in Vietnam.

In detail, the next most widespread surnames are Tran and Le which (6)__________ a quarter of the total (7)____________ of family names in the country at 13% and 11% respectively.

The (8)_____________ surnames are strikingly less common in (9)____________ with the abovementioned and their portion of the total (10)________ of surnames is negligible: only 8% of the Vietnamese are called Pham, making this surname the 4th most popular, followed by Huynh/Hoang at 6%. The least popular surnames are Dang, Bui and Do, as a mere 6% of the Vietnamese nationals bear them.