Task1 - Pie Charts >> UK Development Aid Vietnam

"UK Development Aid Vietnam"

The pie chart (1)__________ a breakdown of the total sum of money (2)____________ by the British Department for International Development in Vietnam in two years; 2008 and 2009.

(3)___________ speaking, it is (4)_____________ that education took the lion's share of the total aid (5)_____________.

In detail, over one third of the total 55 million pounds (6)____________ was dedicated to furthering education while the Growth (7)_____________ used up 20% of the above figure.

Governance and Health (8)_____________ accounted for almost a quarter of the overall (9)_____________, with Humanitarian Assistance (10)____________ at 10%.

Lastly, only 7% of the total aid money was spent on enhancing Other Social Services in the country.