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"Australian Vietnamese Population Distribution"

The (1) __________chart depicts the (2) ________________ of Australians of Vietnamese ethnic origin in 6 Australian States and 2 Territories for 2011.

Generally speaking, the lion's (3)_______________ of Vietnamese Australians settled in 2 States: NSW & Victoria, while the (4)_____________ 25% were residing in the additional 6 regions.

NSW and Victoria are the most (5)_________________ states for Vietnamese Australians. These States had almost identical (6) _______________ at near to 37% which represents almost 74,000 individuals in each area. Similarly, Western and South Australia (7)________________ near identical proportions of Vietnamese Australian citizens at around 7% of the total These proportions (8)_______________ to about 14,000 people for the South and the West. Queensland's share of the total was higher than WA & SA with 19,000 people (9)______________ for close to 10% of the total. By (10)___________________, the remaining three regions had small Vietnamese Australian populations. The ACT accommodated 1.8% or 3,570 people. .4% of Vietnamese migrants lived in the Northern Territory and only .1% or 243 people chose Tasmania as their home.