Task1 - Pie Charts >> Work Arrangement by Sex

"Work Arrangement by Sex"

The pie charts present information (1)-------- the differences (2)-------- the proportion of male and female Australian citizens (3)-------------- in three different job categories in 2012. The (4)----------- employment types are full-time, part-time and casual occupations.

In general, it is evident that a considerably higher (5)--------------of males were doing permanent full-time jobs and women were more numerous than men in the part-time job category.

In detail, almost 3 out of 4 men (6)------------engaged in permanent full-time employment, whereas less than half the women had a full-time (7)-------------. The category in which women figured (8)---------------- was that of the permanent part-time, preferred by almost one third of the women, compared (9)------------ only 1 in ten men. The casual job category was also (10)---------------- by more women than men: the figure was 26% for the former and 20% for the latter.


a) on

b) about

c) a & b


a) on

b) in

c) with


a) employ

b) employing

c) employed


a) give

b) gave

c) given


a) percentage

b) percent

c) percentile


a) are

b) be

c) were


a) job

b) profession

c) a & b


a) prominently

b) mostly

c) a lot


a) to

b) with

c) a & b


a) prefer

b) preferring

c) preferred