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"Social Media Is Anti Social"

Social media is really anti-social.

What do you think?

The information age has brought us many forms of social media through the internet. Chat rooms, blogs and social networking sites have allowed everyone easy access to anyone, anywhere, anytime. However, there is a downside to digital social networking, and people are realizing that the social media often encourages anti-social behavior.

To engage in the social media people need a computer or a type of mobile electronic device. These machines collect and send information from one person to another. It should be remembered that when people engage in social media, to some extent they are actually interacting with a machine. There is no eye contact or body language to read when we are tapping a message into a chat room. Consequently, the communication experience is eroded.

Moreover, it seems that many people who are active on social media are mostly deficient when it comes to real social skills. Spending hours every day sending messages to digital friends is different from spending real time with real people. For example, a teenager may be comfortable expressing feeling in a digital textual form, but may be very awkward when faced with a real social situation. Spontaneous interaction is not required on the internet, however, it is very important for real world socializing in face to face situations.

In my opinion, interacting on social media is not truly communicative. The benefits of actual human contact when communicating are not present when utilizing machines. Therefore, people that confine their social interactions to the digital realm will often be disadvantaged when it comes to real face to face human contact.

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