Get Your Band 6 Step by Step (Temp)

ITP's Premium Test Preparation Programs are created by IELTS examination specialists to facilitate Band 6 and above for academic examination candidates. Our resources are integrated enable ongoing development of skills and knowledge for IELTS success. The following guidance is for developing the skills and knowledge required for Task 2 writing success.

Step 1: Access T2 study program.

Step 2: Skim through ITP library for recommended model essay.

Step 3: Read model and answer comprehension questions.

Step 4: Build thematic and academic vocabulary bank through key noun and transition functions.

Step 5: Access 10 model essays within the weekly theme. Repeat steps 1-4 for each model essay.

Step 6: Review content and structure by accessing main idea applications and essay templates.

Step 7: Familiarize yourself with band descriptors, time limitations and ITP writing process.

Step 8: Write your Task 2 response by randomly selecting Task 2 question prompt related to theme.

SUBMIT WRITING FOR EVALUATION (this will link to another page that is yet to be constructed)