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Tran The Thong

Title : Crime & Punishment

Some people feel that all criminals should be treated the same, regardless of the circumstances of t... (Continue reading)

Title : Talent Versus Effort

There is a general belief that some people are born with specific talents, such as an ability with m... (Continue reading)

Title : Computer Domination

Computer Dependency Computers! It is debatable whether computers are one of the greatest o... (Continue reading)

Title : The City Is Out Of Control

The human race has made significant progress in the last 100 years. Where do you think we have made ... (Continue reading)

Title : Equality For All

"Gender Equality" "A woman's place is in the kitchen." Do you agree? There is a joke widel... (Continue reading)

Title : Trashing the Earth

If there was a skyscraper to be built in the future, it would be made out of trash. The risi... (Continue reading)

Title : Health Problems Causes & Effects

What are the causes and effects of the health problems facing the world today? We live in the... (Continue reading)

Title : Music & Education

Some people believe that listening to music is the best way to learn a second language. Others argue... (Continue reading)

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