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The amount of class time for academic topics should be reduced to make way for subjects related to the arts. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Education is the key to success in life and what makes an education system successful is a balanced curriculum. In this day and age, the contents of the school syllabus are becoming a debatable issue. While I accept the significance of academic studies in education, I contend that the amount of class time for logical topics should be decreased to give way to creative subjects.

The argument in favor of the regular assortment of lessons associated with the arts would be that artistic topics are a contributing factor in helping young learners determine and shape their future. Pupils are often great at either the sciences or inventive subjects. The arts engage students, and they need to be able to express themselves and gain self confidence by doing what they are into. It is absolutely essential that innate talents and passions are identified and developed at an early age. Thanks to art educators, some primary school students have realized what they are good at the areas they are passionate about. Two obvious examples are The Voice Kids and Dancing With The Star Kids, which are reality-talent television shows held in many nations throughout the world. The competitors are gifted children. They sign up for the competition not only to develop their natural talents for singing and dancing, but also to return home in triumph.

Another typical reason is that innovative lessons are an amazing channel to release stress. Not all students have special intelligence or remarkable mental agility. It is not surprising that pupils sometimes want to focus on academics so they don't stand out from their peers. Thus, their concentration on academic subjects in class never wavers. However, studying logical topics during weekdays to excess can result in living life under pressure. Meanwhile, creative topics lift learners' spirits and make them feel more optimistic as well as energetic. In some ways, learning how to perform a song or play a particular instrument in class can help calm learners down and put them in a better frame of mind.

Nonetheless, others hold a valid argument which is, the more academic lessons that students learn, the better off they are. Admittedly, the goal of school is to prepare students for a working life. It is frequently stated that studying academic studies will bring plenty of golden opportunities to learners when applying for jobs after graduation. Furthermore, in order to survive longer in a high pressured workplace after graduating from high school, graduates are required to acquire more logical knowledge rather than spending hours on creative lessons in class, which is only suitable for a cluster of learners being born with artistic talents.

In conclusion, I once again reaffirm my position that both academic studies and artistic subjects are absolutely vital in an education system. It will be more rewarding if the government and school authorities make a special effort to balance the time for lessons in logic and the time for innovative subjects in schools.

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Comment from ITP

This is a great pedagogical discussion. I found this essay to be quite interesting. Some good argumentative language. "are becoming a debatable issue" "The argument in favor of" "Another typical reason is " "Nonetheless, others hold a valid argument which is.........." "It is frequently stated that...." "In conclusion, I once again reaffirm my position that....."