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"Children & Discipline"

Children need to learn to behave at a young age and must be punished when they make mistakes.

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How should children be punished?

Every parent wants the best for their children. Indeed, the development of a child must be closely monitored by the elders in a family. Naturally, there will be times when a child's behavior is not exemplary, and, on these occasions, a parent must decide if a child should be punished. Further to this, parents need to make decisions in terms of what form the punishment should take.

Learning to differentiate between right and wrong is an important cognitive process for children. Many parents believe that for a child to fully comprehend the difference, some form of punishment has to be administered. Perhaps the most pertinent question for parents is at what age should their children be taught to differentiate between what is right and what is wrong. It is true that for children in early childhood there is no concept of good or bad. The world to them is an amazing place that is not restricted by social rules or doctrines.

However, when children become toddlers, they are able to think about the consequences of their actions. Children from the age of 3 have sufficient cognitive development to have some understanding of the effects of their actions. Therefore, some form of discipline may be necessary to underscore the need for proper behavior. A decision must then be made as to how the child will be punished. Some parents believe spanking is the best method as children cannot be reasoned with despite the fact that many child psychologists contend that corporal disciplining could harm the child.

To conclude, all parents would agree that young children need some form of discipline to regulate their behavior. If parents give careful consideration to the best method of punishment, their children will mature with a good understanding of right and wrong.