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"Children & the Demands of Education"

Education can be very demanding on children.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of intensive education for children?

Nowadays, the required education all around the world has increased which is the reason why primary school children must study more than in the past. Some people agree with this requirement, so they suggest their children should spend a lot of time on studying because they believe this is the best way to be successful. In fact, a huge number of children have to study in a stressful atmosphere and in their free time. This essay will show the advantages and drawbacks of this situation very clearly.

Firstly, there are two main reasons why this probably wastes a lot of childhood time. These reasons are ambitions and improvement. Parents want their children to become engineers, doctors, or lawyers. So their children must study hard and spend almost all of their time on study. For example, 20 years ago, primary school children just studied at school for about 4 hours per day and did not go to school at the weekend while the children now study 8 hours per day at school.

On the positive side, a mass of knowledge will be learned. In addition, students will be very intelligent, creative and active which is the result of these ambitions. Because of their parent's hopes, children will probably have their own directions. They must study and study as well as they can, and then they may improve their weaknesses.

However, because of spending a lot of time on study, children at primary school are usually stressed. They do not have enough time for entertainment, and the result is an isolated character which is a very serious problem in the younger generation. Everyday, children only work with books, calculation and study, so now children do not have enough time for watching cartoons or going to the entertainment center with their parents.

In conclusion, at primary school, children actually do not want to go to school every day, all the time, they must have free time for relaxing. The government and the parents should combine and get the best solution for avoiding this problem.

Comment from ITP

You have put forward some good arguments here. The synonymous language for "necessity" is useful: required, must, have to, requirement, should.