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"Class Time for Kids"


In recent years, the amount of time that primary school children have to spend in class has increased. To what extent would you agree that this is a positive development? How would this affect children's social skills?

We live in a competitive society that requires us to compete on many different levels. A high quality education is now necessary to prepare for competition in employment. This is because superior university graduates are more likely to be successful when searching for a job. However, this competitive spirit has also become a part of primary education. Young children are being asked to devote more time to their classes to enable improved educational outcomes.

Every parent wants to facilitate the best possible future for their children, and education is critical to this objective. However, some educators believe that excessive classroom hours for young children can have a negative impact. Children need more than reading and writing skills. They need to exercise their bodies and develop social skills at an early age. For a well rounded development, a child should be given balanced proportions of study and free time. In fact, for many children play time is more beneficial than time spent with their heads buried in books. Learning to interact socially in a positive way is an essential skill for all children to acquire, and social skills must be learned through practice in real social settings.

It is also worthwhile considering the consequences of intensive learning on small children. Even if the child does achieve some form of academic excellence he or she may not be able to apply that knowledge in the real world. A lack of social skills, due to lack of early childhood socializing, could negatively influence career success. It is true that communication skills are an increasingly important ingredient for career success. Employees who struggle to communicate their ideas will have difficulty in most workplaces regardless of their knowledge base.

In sum, kids should be free to be kids. Children need to be given a balanced diet of class time and playtime.