Task2 - Education >> E Learning

"E Learning"

"E- learning will eventually replace all traditional forms of teaching and learning including teachers."
To what extent to you agree?

The transfer of knowledge and skills through education has been a critical component of social development throughout time. In the twenty first century, the internet has provided educators with new tools to facilitate learning. While some people believe that internet based learning will replace conventional education methods, others feel that the traditional methods of teaching will prevail.

There are two main reasons why tried and true methods of teaching will continue to serve our community. Firstly, it is important to have the input of a real person in the classroom. Teachers educating in a real school environment have the opportunity to respond to the needs of individuals with a better level of understanding. A teacher working face to face with students can empathize and respond to their needs in a more immediate and effective manner. Secondly, the school community provides an excellent setting for the advancement of learning. Students are often inspired by their interaction with classmates who can often stimulate learning through their enthusiasm.

However, E- learning does have its advantages. Cost is certainly the most substantial benefit that internet based learning can bring. If a student possesses a laptop or a PDA (Personal Digital Assistant), they can access a wealth of information on the internet. Students can also undertake online courses or engage in tutorials through chat rooms. These programs of study are provided by tertiary institutions at significantly less cost than the standard fees of universities. Moreover, a student utilizing E-learning can study at a time and place that suits them. Provided that Wi Fi is available, there is no limit to the information and learning opportunities available to students.

In conclusion, it is my belief that the internet complements teaching and learning although it is unlikely that E-learning will completely take over from traditional teaching styles. Conventional teaching and learning methods will continue to be employed, however, teachers should also utilize E-learning applications to complement their daily classroom activities.