Task2 - Education >> Educating through Travel/ Doan Bao Long

"Educating through Travel/ Doan Bao Long"

"Some people think that children should be encouraged to travel around while at school to broaden their experience. Others think that not enough time is spent in the classroom learning the basics of good education. Discuss both views and give your opinion"

Whether parents should allow their children to travel freely to discover the world, or force them to use class time in order to acquire fundamental knowledge has long been a controversial topic. I would contend that it is better to participate in extra curricular activities and enrich experience for young children.

On the one hand, the argument for traveling around is attractive for some reasons. Firstly, letting children interact with other people and deal with real problems helps them fully develop their mental and and physical abilities. Secondly, traveling around assists children in recognizing where their abilities lay and who they want to become in the future sooner than their peers. Take Thomas Edison as a example, when he was young, he did not want to attend classes because school-life seemed to be meaningless to him. Thus, he discovered the world by himself and became a well-known scientist. Generally, children's ambition will foster their motivation to achieve their goals in the future through their journeys.

On the other hand, in order to gain basic knowledge and practical skills for future careers, children should spend more time in classes. Obviously, schools are an ideal environment which provide adequate and needed information related to children's future. For instance, if children want to become doctors, lawyers or engineers, professors will guide them to make their dreams come true. Additionally, schools also organize field trips which help children to attain educational and real experiences.

All things considered, it seem to me that children should be encouraged to travel instead of spending all their time studying at school. It would be best, if the government adjusted the education system so that time to study and travel is balanced.

Comment from ITP

Your arguments are well supported with examples; particularly the example of Thomas Edison. A good balanced argument. Well done.