Task2 - Education >> Education and well-being/ Thi, Thao, Tran

"Education and well-being/ Thi, Thao, Tran"

Education is the only way to improve social and psychological well-being of people. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Nowadays, humans are living in a society that is more fast-paced than ever before. It seems that the better developed a civilization is, the more stress and pressure people face every day. While the mental crisis occurs extensively, some people believe that the only measurement to determine and enhance people's happiness is education. In my opinion, I agree with this idea and I intend to analyze this issue in my essay.

Firstly, education plays a crucial role in improving social well-being. Education rises the awareness of people of the importance of a community, it teaches them respect for human rights and helps them meet their basic needs. For instance, thanks to education, people have the right to be part of a community that offers mutual respect. Moreover, education contributes to teach people team-working skills. As a result, people can work together by using learned skills to achieve good results.

Secondly and more importantly, education tends to improve people's income, which generally affects the individual's quality of life. Education may help people develop skills, enhance their social status, which would satisfy them as well. In addition, it is possible to mention that life expectancy is strongly associated with education. Following research on the Internet, on average, a 30-year old tertiary - educated man can expect to live up to 8 years longer than someone else at the same age who has not completed upper-secondary school. Thus, it is easy to say that education independently contributes to human welfare.

In conclusion, I strongly recommend the idea of wealthier happiness for humans and society in terms of knowledge which is based on education.

Comment from ITP

You have presented some strong evidence in support of your opinion. Well done!