Task2 - Education >> Education for Well-Being/ Phuong, Quang, Nhi

"Education for Well-Being/ Phuong, Quang, Nhi"

Education plays a vital role in the development of a country, that is, educational prosperity in considered to bring many benefits for human beings. It is regarded as the process of acquiring knowledge. Beside that, education is the pathway to enhance the human sense of society and psychology. Arguments exist agreeing with this statement.

It is noticeable that education improves the well-being of people's society through shaping the behavior patterns of young people. For instance, students would study the diversified subjects which teach them to analyze right from wrong and tell them what things are the right to do. If adolescents are unaware of the distinction between acceptable and detestable behavior, they will become juvenile delinquents and criminals. Specially, if they live in a society where has high rate of violent and juvenile crime, teen pregnancy and suicide, both students and their parents become increasingly concerned about these problems. Thus, teachers and support staff are expected to take preventive measures in order to address misbehavior of young people as well as encourage them to have moral principles, code of conduct, motivate them to speak and act in a manner as intended.

Furthermore, education is a good strategy which stimulates the development of psychology. It is particularly true that education gives people, especially teenagers, opportunities to have more concrete relations in the community. In addition, teachers often encourage students to reduce stress and develop good healthy habits by joining outdoor activities and various kinds of sport. These extra-curriculum activities can be combined with academic activities to boost not only mental health but also the learning results of students. People also learn many skills as problem solving and critical thinking, which are essential not only for their further education but also for their careers later in life.

In conclusion, education is particular significant for the development of human kind. The authorial agencies should take care and invest suitably to create a favorable community. The parents, especially teenagers' parents', and teachers ought to cooperate to facilitate young people's studies.

Comment from ITP

The discussion of education and social issues in the second paragraph is well developed. I like your range of verbs to discuss development: improve, shaping, become, encourage, stimulate, give, develop, boost.