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"Education/Financial Responsibilty/ Tuyen & Friends/Ben"

Education is a crucial service which strongly affects the country's future. Because of its importance, many people think that governments should shoulder this responsibility by paying most study fees, but there are still people who oppose this idea. They think that the fees must be paid for solely by the parents. Proving whether this policy is good or not is the role of politicians and governments.

It is easy to think of the benefits that will come from this policy. The first reason is that it provides equal chances for everyone and increases the knowledge of the whole country. Therefore, poor talented children's futures can be protected and the country can utilize them for making the nation's development stronger.

Fee exemption for everyone is an essential action that increases the country's reputation and proves that the governments really care about the new generation's futures. For instance, Cuba-which is not rich nation-exempts all tuition fees for its residents from primary schools to the end of university. Therefore, foreign people from all over the world can see this as a honorable act and not only that, the citizens of Cuba are always proud of this path which they are willing to take on.

In short, there are a lot of benefits which come from honorable action, the government should consider it as a good option. In spite of seeing so many advantages, there are many people who still have not accepted this solution. Increasing the tax burden and inequity for people who have not got children of school age are reasons that the pessimists give out. For them, it is better that the parents should be the ones who take the responsibility for their children's futures.

In conclusion, changing the whole system is always hard at first, but as a visionary plan for the development of the countries , this policy should be applied as soon as possible.

Comment from ITP

A good discussion of the issues. Your ideas are well developed. The reference to Cuba is a good example. You could improve this essay with better organization. It appears that you have two conclusions- "in short" & "in conclusion".