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"Government Spending & Education"

The government should spend more money on education.

To what extent do you agree?

There has been rapid development in many countries around the world. This is partly because governments have been taking deliberate steps to develop their countries. One important responsibility for all governments around the world is education. Some people believe that the government should spend more money on education while others contend that the current level of spending is adequate.

Supporters of increased spending for education say that for societies to continue to develop they need to lift the standard of education. It is true that developed countries have highly sophisticated education systems. These countries understand that a well educated workforce competes successfully in a globalized economy. Moreover, we are living in the information age which means that the ability to absorb information effectively is critical. Education enables us to access important knowledge and should therefore be given sufficient funding.

However, money does not grow on trees, and governments need to prioritize their spending. Administrations around the world need to balance their priorities meaning that they must decide where to allocate money. This is often a juggling act between infrastructure, health care and education.

In conclusion, it is my strong belief that education is the top priority for government spending. If administrations fully develop the potential of their citizens, the economy will improve and more money will be available for other priorities.

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