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"Secondary & Tertiary Comparison"

"High school education (secondary) and university education (tertiary) have many similarities and differences. Compare and contrast secondary with tertiary education."

Education systems are very important for every country in the world. Generally speaking, these education systems involve three levels: primary, secondary and tertiary. While there are many differences between secondary and tertiary education, there is also one important similarity.

High schools and universities differ in two main ways. The first major difference is in the learning styles of these institutions. Secondary study is guided and supervised, however, tertiary students are required to approach their studies more independently. The second significant difference involves the content of these study programs. Students at high schools focus their attention on the fundamentals of language and mathematics, but university students can choose to study from a wide range of subjects.

On the other hand, there is one central similarity between the two education systems. Testing and evaluation are as important in high schools as they are in universities. It is a fact that students in both institutions are assessed regularly.

To conclude, tertiary and secondary education systems differ in terms of learning styles and content. On the contrary, high schools are similar to universities because they both make use of examinations.

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