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"Home Schooling versus Public"


Educating children at home is more effective than an education in the public school system.

What is your opinion?

The type of education that a child receives is vital to ensure a bright future for that child. There are many choices in terms of the kinds of education available. While some people believe parents should choose the public school system for their children, others think a better education can be given at home.

There are two main advantages when sending children to be educated in the public system. Firstly, a well-rounded schooling involves the development of social skills. Children need to learn how to interact with their peers, and public schools offer the opportunity to engage with many children of the same age. This enables the development of better social skills. Secondly, the school curriculum is designed and refined to cater to the needs of the general community. Consequently, public schools have well developed study programs to ensure that students acquire adequate literacy and numeracy skills because proficiency in these subjects is essential for a child's development.

However, there are also advantages to home schooling. Firstly, parents are in the best position to understand the learning styles and learning needs of their offspring. Consequently, a mother is able to tailor an effective study program for her child. Secondly, by schooling a child at home, negative influences from other children can be avoided. If a child falls in with the wrong crowd, it can adversely affect his/her ability to study, therefore, impacting on the child's education in general.

In conclusion, my belief is that a combination of public and home schooling would provide the best learning outcomes for children. If classroom lessons are supported by supervised homework, a child will certainly be given the best chance of receiving a solid education.

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