Task2 - Education >> Computer versus Teacher

"Computer versus Teacher"

In the 21st century we have many technologies that can be used to assist education. The computer is being used more and more in education and will eventually replace teachers.

Do you agree or disagree with this statement?

The twenty first century has been called the age of information. Information technology is vital to almost every industry, endeavor and activity undertaken by people in today's world. Education is one field where information technology has made a significant contribution. The computer is the most important conduit of information technology and as such has become an important tool for teachers throughout the world. While some people believe that computers will eventually supersede teachers in the classroom, others contend that teachers are indispensable.

Computers have many practical applications for educators. A computer provides access to the internet which offers two important learning tools. Firstly, the internet provides teachers and students with access to the world's library. In fact, many hard copy books, journals, reports and other forms of information have been converted to the digital format. Of course, this is very convenient for scholars engaged in research. All the knowledge of the world is accessible at the click of a mouse. Secondly, the internet allows for more effective communication. Students completing group projects can instantly communicate with each other, and teachers can guide their students through email.

Although a computer can aid the learning process, many would argue that a teacher will always be a necessary part of learning. Teachers provide guidance to their students, they have a more complete understanding of the topics and they can help their students to gain that understanding incrementally. In addition, teachers can provide motivation and encouragement to students throughout their education. Students may feel disinterested, unmotivated or confused at times. Teachers are necessary to give these students a helping hand.

In conclusion, although computers are an important tool for teachers, they will never fully replace them. Teachers are required to assist and inspire students throughout their primary, secondary and tertiary education. Computer assisted learning will continue to aid the learning process but will never fully replace educators.